Creating and managing your databases can very time consuming but yet is a vital part of running your business. Having an up-to-date, clean database is important for many business activities from marketing to invoicing.

CopyWrite has many years experience in making the most effective use of databases and can advise you on as aspects of database management from the most appropriate software packages to use to the actual design and implementation.

A clear understanding of the purpose of your database is essential and ease of use to get quick access to the information can be vital for your own staff.

Research and data input
Once you have a custom-built database, you may need to populate it with anything from client or customer details, supplier details, media contacts, to product information or pricing.

If you don’t have the relevant information you require, we can research and populate your database for you – or simply input the data you already have.

Good database management is often overlooked – updating addresses, telephone numbers and emails, deleting old customers, adding new products, adjusting prices or discounts – are all ongoing requirements but most are rarely done, leaving records out of date and customers not receiving vital information.

CopyWrite can undertake database cleansing activity either on an on-going basis such as once a month or as a one-off project to get you up-to-date. Work can be carried out either via disk or direct if the databases can be accessed via the internet, making changes happen in real-time.

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