We can offer design experience across a number of areas:

The design and content of an advertisement can be crucial to its perception by the intended audience. CopyWrite can work with you to develop and design advertising which meets the needs of your business and so maximise potential opportunities. Using specific design software we can produce a number of design options for you to consider and advise on the key aspects of your advertising concept.

Business identity
Identifying your business in the marketplace can be difficult. CopyWrite can help you establish your own business identity by designing logos, headed paper, business cards and compliment slips. We can also help with website design and content.

Designing and producing leaflets and flyers can be expensive, so you need to make sure you get it right first time. CopyWrite offers a complete design and print service for either high volume or small one-off print runs. We can advise on the content, design and size of the leaflet – anything from a simple one page A5 black and white flyer to a more complicated three fold A4 colour leaflet.

The design and style of any presentation are crucial factors in helping you communicate successfully with your audience. Regardless of whether the presentation is for a job interview or to important business clients, CopyWrite can help you design your presentation so you can achieve maximum impact.

We can design your presentation for use in PowerPoint, Word, manual OHP or as simple handouts.

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