Our extensive experience within the marketing sector allows us to offer advice in a number of areas:

Marketing strategy
CopyWrite can advise on how to plan your organisation’s marketing strategy at a local and/or national level. At the start of any campaign it is crucially important that a coherent plan exists to gain maximum return on the use of all resources, especially financial ones. CopyWrite can help you to get the most out of your marketing through advertising, leaflets, mailshots, public relations, press releases, competitions and marketing events.

This type of marketing can be expensive and if you don’t get your advertising right eg timing, placement, content – it can be a very costly mistake. CopyWrite can research your specific market and advise on the most appropriate areas to advertise. We can also offer advice on content and book your advertising for you. Our design team can also help make sure your advertising is professional and connects with your target audiences. Click here for more information on our design service.

Mailshots and e-shots
Before embarking on any type of mailshot or e-shot (email distribution) activity it is extremely important that you have planned what message you are aiming to project and who your target audience is.

CopyWrite can develop mailshot or e-shot databases or clean existing databases so your message gets to exactly the right people. We can work together with you to develop suitable content in order to make your response levels as high as possible. Our design team will then put together anything from a simple letter or email to a leaflet or response card, all designed to maximise feedback and raise awareness of your organisation to your potential customers.

We can manage the mailshot itself from printing, collation and distribution. We can also look after any responses such as data entry or graph/report development.

Getting your company or service noticed can be very difficult but one of the most economical ways of doing it is through good public relations (PR). PR involves developing innovative ways in which your company can be given exposure within the public or business sectors. This can be achieved in many different ways, for example, by using press releases distributed to the relevant media or by involving your organisation in activities that give you exposure such as competitions, sponsorship or charity work.

Rather than simply use standard solutions, CopyWrite can develop a PR campaign specific to your organisation using contacts with local media and our extensive media database. Our team has vast experience in copywriting for press releases and media announcements. We can also help with media liaison for marketing events such as shop openings, product launches, conferences and sponsorships.

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