Scanning & Archiving

CopyWrite Business Services offers an in-house client scanning and archiving service for companies who are required by law to keep documentation for long periods of time. Certain industry sectors now have an obligation to hold records for periods up to 40 years and this is now easier through digital scanning and archiving.

Staff at CopyWrite Business Services have extensive experience in using hi-speed photocopier scanners at client premises to digitally store documentation on to hard-disks or to organise and classify files on to CD Rom storage. CopyWrite can work with you to develop an archiving programme to digitally store documents and release important storage space.

CopyWrite staff operate in-house at your premises and use your own scanning equipment and computers to guarantee absolute confidentiality, with no documentation or records needing to be removed from your premises.

Scanning and archiving can often occupy hours of valuable staff time, which would be time better spent on their ‘proper’ jobs. The service we offer is dedicated, allowing us to concentrate on the job in hand and therefore offering realistic time frames for project completion. This service can benefit a wide range of business sectors including local government, insurance, financial services and any other business sectors which require documents to be archived in this way.

To find out how CopyWrite Business Services can support your scanning and archiving requirements contact us.

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